The TBS2 Game Engine
Caspian Games
Like TBS? Want to create your own TBS style games? Then the TBS2 Game Engine is the answer for you.  The TBS2 Engine is a simple way of creating your own shooting games. It comes with all of the 
TBS levels, so that you can modify them and use them in
your own games. The games you create are your own
property, so that you can sell your games and make money
off of them.
Don't know how to code? That's not a problem! The TBS2
engine does not require ANY​​​​​ coding experience or 

So make that dream of making your own game come true.
For only $5, you can buy the TBS2 Game engine and create
your own 3d shooting games in seconds.​​

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It's All Yours
The games you create with the TBS2 Game Engine are all yours to keep. You can do whatever you want with them - open source them, give them away for free, and even sell them! 

- And we won't ask for a penny out of your profits.​​
Make Your Own 3D Shooter Games
Do you like The Big Sniper? Want to make your own TBS style game? TBS2 is a game engine (game creator) where you can create your own 3D TBS-like shooting games.

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For MAC OS X only.